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Patients over paperwork: Tackling administrative burden

Guess what topic consistently tops the list of concerns our members share in recent TAFP member surveys? Hint: AAFP's member surveys are lead by the same thing. That's right, it's administrative burden. In today's ever-changing patient care environment, your clinical time is in direct competition with the myriad boxes that must be checked, messages that must be handled, proper documentation and authorizations that must be completed. No wonder physicians report such high incidence of burnout.

The TAFP Council on Medical Practice is working to identify and curate resources to help you ease this burden and reclaim your time with your patients. The council is also focused on advancing and championing advocacy efforts to fight unnecessary and impractical requirements. 

The following compendium of articles and guides have been compiled by the council. If you would like to suggest resources you have found helpful, please email Jonathan Nelson, TAFP Director of Communications.

Administrative simplification resources from AAFP

Find out what your Academy is doing to reduce administrative complexity in the areas of prior authorization, payment, documentation and coding, quality measures, and more.

In addition to our advocacy efforts to reduce administrative tasks that steal clinical time and exacerbate burnout, your Academy offers practical ideas for cutting down your documentation burden, streamlining your prior authorization processes, and dealing with your EHR inbox.

"AAFP has launched a series of innovation labs to identify and demonstrate innovations essential to optimizing the family medicine experience." That's the first line of this report that details the successes recorded in the Academy's partnership with Suki, an AI assistant used for visit note completion. 

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Other administrative simplification resources

American Medical Association

EHR inbox management – Tame your EHR inbox

American College of Physicians

Reducing administrative burdens