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Receive discounted, anonymous counseling with Anticipate Joy

Anticipate Joy is an innovative mental health treatment and wellness company that supports healing and personal growth through a HIPAA-compliant online professional counseling platform. It uses technology to create an introduction between a physician and a therapist, enabling physician clients to have therapy sessions with a licensed mental health provider from the comfort of your own home.

Physician burnout remains a serious issue for mental health providers, and Anticipate Joy is here to help you overcome some of the emotional and psychological stress that you have endured. As a TAFP member, online counseling appointments are available to you at a discounted rate through Anticipate Joy – it’s as simple as creating an account, answering a few questions about yourself, and choosing a therapist who fits your needs.

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Physician Health First

AAFP’s Physician Health First initiative is devoted to improving your well-being and professional satisfaction by addressing the causes of burnout in medicine, including the broken U.S. health care system, the organizations employing physicians, the practice environment, individual well-being, and a physician culture of self-sacrifice over self-care.

These tools and resources from your Academy will help you stay passionate about your purpose.

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