Resident Member Spotlight: Khanh Truong, DO

Resident member hopes to integrate sleep medicine into practice

By Samantha White
June 06, 2023

What is next for you in your medical training and career?
After completing my family medicine residency, I am driven to further my training through a sleep medicine fellowship. My goal is to become a well-rounded physician capable of providing primary care while also specializing in sleep care. Additionally, I am committed to breaking down barriers and creating greater access to sleep care as a primary care physician. I envision integrating sleep medicine into my practice, implementing evidence-based interventions to improve sleep quality and overall health. By blending primary care and sleep care, I hope to empower my patients to achieve optimal well-being, while contributing to a healthier and well-rested community.

Who or what inspired you to choose family medicine?
I was inspired to choose family medicine by a combination of personal experiences and a desire to make a meaningful impact on my community. As a first-generation college graduate and the first physician in my family, I witnessed firsthand the lack of awareness about family medicine within the Vietnamese community I grew up in. This realization, coupled with my clinical experiences, ignited a passion within me to break down barriers and provide comprehensive care to a diverse patient population. I yearned for a specialty that would allow me to address the unique health care needs of individuals from all walks of life. Family medicine stood out as the ideal choice, offering the opportunity to educate, advocate, and promote preventive medicine within my community. I am drawn to the specialty's focus on community care and its emphasis on integrating cultural competency into health care practices. By choosing family medicine, I can serve as a bridge between cultures and work toward creating a continuum of patient care that is both inclusive and responsive to the unique needs of my community.

Why do you choose to be a TAFP member?
I chose to become a member of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians because of the invaluable experiences and opportunities it has provided me. From the start of my residency, I became actively involved with TAFP, taking on the role of AAFP Resident Delegate. This position allowed me to represent my fellow residents at the AAFP National Conference, where I learned how to effectively write resolutions and advocate for the issues close to my heart. Additionally, TAFP offered the Resident Leadership Experience, which helped me enhance my leadership skills and develop as a future leader in family medicine. Beyond these professional benefits, being a member of TAFP has allowed me to forge lifelong friendships with other members from all across the state. Joining TAFP has been a natural choice, as it has not only enriched my professional growth but also connected me with a vibrant and supportive community of fellow family physicians in Texas.

What has surprised you most about family medicine?
What surprised me the most about family medicine is the impact it has on underserved populations. Coming into this field, I knew that addressing health care disparities was essential, but I never anticipated the transformative power of family medicine in these communities. Witnessing the gratitude and trust that patients place in me as their family medicine physician has been truly humbling. Family medicine training has taught me the importance of social determinants of health, and I am pleasantly surprised by the creativity and resourcefulness needed to provide high-quality care with limited resources, leading to innovative approaches and a focus on preventive medicine.

What advice do you have for current family medicine residents?
To all the current family medicine residents, you are on a remarkable journey that will shape your future as compassionate and skilled physicians. Remember to embrace this incredible opportunity with open arms and a hunger for knowledge. Trust me! Time will pass swiftly, so make the most of every learning experience. Cherish each patient encounter. Remember to prioritize self-care as your well-being is essential. Believe in yourself and trust your abilities and let your passion for medicine guide you through challenges.

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