Support the AAFP Foundation and the Family Medicine Chapter Alliance

By Kathy McCarthy, CAE, TAFP COO
June 14, 2023

The AAFP Foundation has many initiatives to advance family medicine including support of residents and medical students, research, and humanitarian programs. One program that you may not be familiar with just got a new name to better describe the work being done.

The Family Medicine Chapter Alliance is a way for the AAFP Foundation to collaborate with state chapters of AAFP to support grassroots programs. The program also provides a forum for state chapters to learn from each other by showcasing new and innovative programming.

Formerly known as the FMPC, or the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium, the program uses a portion of the “dues check off” — funds donated when AAFP members pay their dues. Those funds go into a pool that is available for grants each year. State chapters and chapter foundations are invited to apply for small grants to fund projects in member outreach, public health, and student and resident projects.

TAFP has received grants for the Hard Hats for Little Heads program, residents and student events, research poster competition, the Family Medicine Leadership Experience, and we were recently awarded a small grant for the second cohort of the Resident Leadership Experience.

Please consider donating to the AAFP Foundation when you pay your dues or at any time here and select Chapter Grants as the designation.