TAFP Political Action Committee

The political voice of family medicine in Texas


The Texas Academy of Family Physicians Political Action Committee speaks on behalf of more than 9,000 Texas family physicians, residents, and medical students through grassroots involvement, personal relationships with elected officials, and political campaign participation and contributions. TAFPPAC is a non-partisan political action committee that supports candidates who demonstrate concern for issues important to family physicians and our patients.

Donate to TAFPPAC

Reminder: Contributions to TAFPPAC can be made from a PA, PC, or LLP, but cannot come from any corporate source. Contributions are voluntary and are not tax deductible. All contributions will be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission in accordance with state law.

Questions? Contact Juleah at jwilliams@tafp.org or by phone at (512) 329-8666 ext. 135.

“It’s a wonderful thing to practice family medicine in the state of Texas, to have the opportunity to get to know our patients and their families and to take care of them. As members of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, we don’t just care for our patients in the exam room. We take care of them at the State Capitol, too.

“I’m a monthly donor for the TAFP Political Action Committee because if we want policies that are good for our patients and our practices, we have to elect politicians who understand our issues. Support TAFPPAC and make your voice heard.”

Justin Bartos, MD
2016 TAFPPAC Award recipient